Shroud of Sorrow, Crawling Terror and American Gods

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Shroud of Sorrow

This Doctor Who novel with the 11th Doctor takes place on 11/23/63.  The day after JFK was assasinated and the first time Doctor Who aired on TV so it is an important date in Doctor Who lore and many adventures take place on this day.  A being called the Shroud is taking advantage of the world in mourning over the loss of one of the greatest Presidents the USA had.  

The Doctor is teamed with Clara and they investigate what the Shroud is and find a way to defeat it.  I gave this novel 4 stars because it was equal to a decent episode of DW.  The characters feel equal to their screen counterparts and are well constructed.  

If you liked DOctor Who Check out this book.  

The Crawlilng Terror by Mike Tucker

There has been an attack by a mysterious giant spider in the countryside in England.  It all connects to an experiment conducted during World War II.  It is up to Clara and the 12th Doctor to stop it.  This was another really good DW novel.  I gave it 4 stars because the characters felt authentic to the way they are written and performed on screen.  Creating characters on the page is a delicate thing and if the character feels off from how he/she is on screen it can ruin the book but Tucker does a good job capturing the characters as performed on the show.  

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This classic by Gaiman was really well done.  Before Percy Jackson and his clones the idea of ancient gods living and operating in modern society had never been done before.  Gaiman took the idea of the ancient gods and placed them in ithe present.  But they are losing power because people no longer worship them and worship things like Technology, Drugs, and money.  These ideas have become new gods.  There is about to be a showdown between the old and new gods.  

Gaiman never fails me, his books are always well written with magic and a little creepiness.  In some ways he reminds me of King in how he constructs his story.  King of course does more than just horror and like King Gaiman is able to combine multiple genres into a story that is throughly enjoyable.

4 Stars.

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