Review: Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off

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Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off Pages: 38
Format: Hardcover
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Olivia is five years old. She lives with her mom and dad. She has a cat and can read and write.
Rachel Elizabeth is Olivia's new neighbor. They both want to be friends.
But Rachel can do everything Olivia can do. Rachel even has a Grandfather and a baby sister. And Rachel Elizabeth Parker is a show-off!
How can they ever become friends?

Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-OffRachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off by Ann M. Martin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show Off by Ann Martin is the story of a little girl , named Olivia who has a new neighbor. Rachel moves in next door. Both girls are very competititive and are constantly trying to outdo one another. Martin’s narrator, Olivia is perfectly crafted. Her voice sounds exactly like a little girl in kindergarten would.
This is a good book to borrow from the library. It has themes about sharing and gettting along that make it a good book to read together.

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