Ready Player One

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I finished this book yesterday and wow it was good.  The plot is about a dystopian world where everyone escapes into a VR simulation called the Oasis.  When the creator of the Oasis dies he leaves control of the Oasis to the winner of a giant Easter egg hunt.  

This novel is fantastic.  It has reference after reference to everything from Doctor Who to Back to the Future to Star Wars.  Without spoiling anything major I just have to say that I loved that the Firefly universe was adjacent to the Star Wars galaxy.  A nod to how Firefly was influenced by Star Wars.  

I have decided recently that my 5 star review must be reserved for those that truly blow me away.  Ready Player One blew me away.  The movie comes out in March.  While I naturally want everything from the book in the movie the book could refer to Back to the future and Ghostbusters and all these other IP.  The film will be limited by the IP that they can license.  

5 Star Review: The force is with Ready Player One.

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