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HorizonHorizon by Tabitha Lord
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Horizon by Tabitha Lord is an excellent science fiction adventure from an author that knows how to craft an exciting story with characters that you will truly care about.
Caeli Crys has powers to heal with her mind. She is from a civilization where half the population have powers and the other half don’t. When the powerless side decide to attack and wipe out her people Caeli is cast into an adventure that will change everything. Especially when a strange ship crashes onto her planet that was supposed to be shielded and hidden from outsiders. Caeli is able to heal Derek and he convinces her to return to his ship. But there is just as much danger there as on her world and something is about to happen that will change everything.
Caeli and Derek are two of the strongest characters that I have met recently. The plot of Horizon does not seem cookie cutter but evolves from the situations that the characters have to deal with. Horizon will definitely appeal to fans of Star Trek as it had a strong Star Trek vibe but is firmly its own thing.
Horizon is definitely worth buying in paperback or Ebook.

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