Here there be Dragons

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This is an old book review from when I was getting my MLIS.  I thought some of my readers subscribers may not have read it and  might consider it worth reading.  

Here There be Dragons by James A Owen

I really enjoyed this book.  Its about three Oxford students in 1917 who come to be the guardians of a magical atlas.  There are references to many famous fantasy stories from King Arthur to Lord of the Rings.  I only gave it a 2 for popularity because depending on their frame of reference, teens may not get the references.  Especially, if they haven’t read stories by or about Narnia and Lord of the Rings.
I really enjoyed this book.  The premise of it is to explain that the authors of the greatest Fantasy Novels of the twentieth century were the guardians of an at las of magical lands.  The three friends go on a magical adventure that will become the inspiration for their novels.  Fans of Narnia and Tolkien will better appreciate this book.

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