Ghostly Echoes Jackaby III by WIlliam Ritter

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First, The Jackaby series is very much like Buffy plus Doctor who plus Sherlock Holmes.  He is funny smart and whimsical.  The series is about how he is a Seer.  He can see the supernatural all around us.  There is only ever one Seer at a time.  ( The supernatural elements plus this part of the plot is why I love it and why it screams similarity with Buffy.)

In this volume Jackaby and his assistant Abbigail are determined to solve the mystery surrounding his ghostly friend Jenny’s Death.  This series does not let you down.  It is  exciting and funny.  This book does have a bit of a Percy Jackson vibe to it but that only adds to what makes it great.  

I highly recommend Ghostly Echoes by William Ritter.  4 Stars.

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