Beyonders 1

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In light of Beyonders 3 being released I wanted to post my review of the first book in this trilogy.  For those that may have never heard of it.  It is definitely worth the read.  I read and wrote this review before this blog was started.

Beyonders by Brandon Mull is an excellent example of what happens when a book clicks on all cylinders. This book has everything, humor, adventure, magic and even the hints of romance. This is a top notch choice for children in grades 4 and up. Definitely a choice for the Harry Potter fan desperately looking for something new to read.
Jason is unhappy with his life. He does not seem to fit in at home. One day while working at the zoo he falls into a hippos mouth and winds up in a magical world. In a Narnia like transport, the hippo brought Jason to another world. This world is ruled by an evil wizard who can only be destroyed by uttering a very special very magical word in his presence. While at a very special library Jason reads one of the syllables of this magic word. He embarks on a quest to finish the world and destroy the evil wizard to find his only way home.
Along the way Brandon Mull introduces new creatures, and characters and fills the book with the kind of magic that the literary world has been lacking since both Fablehaven and Harry Potter ended.

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