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I am working hard on a novella of my own.  This is why I haven’t had as many books reviewed lately.  I’ve been focused on writing.  I have this really cool idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for 20 years.  Its time to focus and get it written. I will be using Get Kids to Read as a writing blog as well as a book review blog as I document my journey to become an author.  

The goal to Get Kids to Read now includes writing the types of books they will read.  I hope that kids like the book I’m writing.  I know book nerds will like it because it is all about the magic of reading.  

I reallly would like it to be a novella about 100 pages but I’m accepting that it will be as long as it needs to be to compmlertely tell the story.  If the story is told completely in 75 pages so be it.  I’m OK with it being a short story. 
I have another book idea that came to me in the car today.  So many ideas.  

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