Doctor Who Plague of the Cybermen

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This is a novel featuring the 11th Doctor as portrayed by Matt Smith.  When he arrives in a 19th century town, something is off.  There have been several attacks by Cybermen.  The Cybermen are a deadly enemy of the Doctor.  This book was filled with the same type of humor as the show and even had a few pop references like “Thunder and lightning very very frightening.”  The author perfectly captured the way Matt Smiths Doctor was written as it is easy to hear his voice when reading.  

I’m excited to read more Doctor Who books after reading this one.  Currently I’m reading Shada the Lost adventure of the fourth Doctor.  Based on a story by Douglas Adams.  

More Agatha Christie

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I’ve continued to read the Agatha Christie Poirot Series.  

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 5 Stars

The Big Four 3 Stars

The Mystery of the Blue Train 3 Stars

I am currently 80%done with Peril at End House and I would estimate it will be earning a 3 star review.  


3 Stars means this book was good.  I recommend buying it used or from the library.

4 Stars means this book is very good and I could barely put it down.  Borrow or Buy used.

5 Stars means rush out to buy this book in hardcover. And pay the $28 for it  This book is worth it.  

Agatha Christie’s Poirot

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The Hercule Poirot Series.The Mysterious Affair at Styles and Murder on the Links.

Agatha Christie is the most celebrated mystery author of all time. She perfected the formula set out by Poe and Doyle before her. Poirot serves an important place in detective fiction even nearly a century after he was created. You can see traces of Holmes in Poirot as he solves his crimes but you can see Poirot in modern detectives on TV like Monk. While this series is not specifically for kids, it has played a part in the development of detective novels. It was at the time that these novels were being published that Edward Stratemyer decided to write his own series of mystery books for children. In 1926 he published The Tower Treasure. Both his Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series would become nearly as famous as Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple were able to become. Agatha Christie should get some credit for the success of those books.

Then there is the fact that the Harry Potter books are all on some level mystery books. It is foolish to believe that Joanne Rowling grew up in Britain in the 1960’s and never read Agatha Christie? NO! Specifically since she is now a mystery author herself with her Comoran Strike Series.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The first book in the series sets the tone of the mystery novel that Christie will write repeatedly. At a manor house a group of people have gathered. There is a murder and Poirot is called to solve it. While many elements set forth here have become tropes and cliché a century later, seeing the orgin is quite extraordinary. Christie is the master of the twist ending.

The Murder on the Links

This is book two in the series. While I do not think it is quite as good as the original that doesn’t mean it is in any way bad. Definitely a good read.

You can find both of these books at your local used bookstore or at the local library.

Book Birthday

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Mutant Mantis Lunch Ladies! (A Monstertown Mystery)Mutant Mantis Lunch Ladies! by Bruce Hale
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This is the type of book that can grab the readers from the first page. Bruce Hale is the author of many popular books for young readers. After saving thier teacher from becoming a were-hyena, Carlos and Benny investigatesome strange goings on in the Cafeteria. There is something strange about the lunch ladies. This is sure to be popular with fans of Goosebumps. It is spooky and funny. Be sure to give this book a try. It comes out on March 7 2017.

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Review: UnOrthodox

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UnorthodoxUnorthodox by Stephanie Deschenes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

UnOrthodox is an action adventure in the tradition of The Terminator. Sophie’s world changes completely when an assassin comes in with a gun pointing at her and kidnapping her.
Sophie learns that her life is a bit more complicated than she knew. The government had been experimenting with human evolution and pushing humans to the next level. As a result there were a number of synthetic humans that have enhancements that are designed to push humans to the next level.
Sophie and the assassin Kael develop as characters throughout the book.

The action is non stop in Unorthodox but Deschenes is able to balance developing her characters beyond typical 2D cutouts you usually find in this genre of action heaven sci fi adventure. Sophie is a truly developed character that will leave an impression on the reader.
Unorthodox falls within the realm of New Adult in terms of age range. It is very enjoyable and fast read. It is best recommended for readers 16 and up.

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Reading and writing.

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I spent most of my free time this week writing.  As a result I do not have any new reviews to publish.  But I have been outlining and drafting  my book.  I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time.  I actually started the first version of this story 20 years ago.  

Right now I’m reading three books.  Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken, Unorthodox by Stephanie Deschenes and Lock and Key The Initiation by Ridley Pearson.  

Please stay tuned for more reviews as I can post them.  I just started a giveaway of Wayfarer on Saturday.  There will be more reviews, giveaways and updates coming soon.